ONE OF the Hampshire's biggest attractions is launching its 2018 season with a raft of Easter activities.

Historic Hurst Castle is opening its doors to the public on March 29 and will welcome visitors seven-days-a-week until the end of October.

Visitors to the castle over Easter will be able to take part in a family Easter egg trail, with letters hidden around the fortress built by Henry VIII.

Arts and crafts activities will also be available in the Tudor keep, where children can get hands-on creating their own artistic masterpieces, some of which they can wear home with pride.

Jason Crane, director of Hurst Marine, which manages the castle on behalf of English Heritage, said: “Easter is usually one of our busiest times of the year so to open our 2018 season with this holiday is very exciting for us.”

Hurst Castle, one of a chain of coastal fortresses, was completed in 1544.

Charles I was imprisoned in the fortress in 1648 before being taken to London to his trial and execution.

The castle was modernised during the Napoleonic wars and again in the 1870s, when huge wings were added.