A DRUGS den in a Hampshire cul-de-sac has been closed after being used in the supply of heroin and crack cocaine.

Sovereign Housing Association obtained a possession order from Southampton County Court after investigating complaints about the property in Skipper Close, Marchwood.

The legal proceedings resulted in a single woman being evicted from the small end-of-terrace home.

Sovereign took action after one of its neighbourhood housing officers, Helen Lovelock, visited the property and found evidence relating to the use and supply of illegal drugs.

Police discovered that the house was being used by transient drug dealers involved in the sale of heroin and crack cocaine.

Ms Lovelock said: “Police executed a search warrant and the evidence we found quickly saw the case put before the court, where upon an outright possession order was granted.

“We’ve now carried out the eviction and hope to see the community settle once again.”

Marchwood county councillor David Harrison added: “This is an example of great work involving the housing association and the police.

“We can not tolerate drug-dealing in our local communities.

“These activities always lead to consequences involving harm to people, whether it is criminality or serious harm to health. I am pleased it has been effectively dealt with.”

Last night a Skipper Close resident, who asked not to be named, said: “I came home to find police cars all over the place.

“Officers came to my door - I think they visited every house in the street - and explained what was happening. Apparently they’d received reports of drugs being sold at the property.

“I’d heard rumours but I never saw anything suspicious.”

PC Adrian Woodhead, of the Waterside neighbourhood policing team, added: “We’ve been working with our partners to reduce drug-related harm and anti-social behaviour in the area.

“We will continue to target illegal drug use and work with vulnerable people to improve their lives.”

A Sovereign spokesman said: “The property was becoming well-known for drug dealing, which was having a real impact on the community.

“Sovereign will return the home to a state suitable for letting to a new family in need of affordable housing.”

A police spokesman said no arrests had been made.