NOISE was the order of the day in Southampton when Scouting circles marched through the city.

A cacophony of boisterous sound came from balloons being burst by Beavers, as well as from the 1,500 Cubs and Scouts who packed the Guildhall to the rafters.

The lively youngsters had something to shout about that day on April 16, 1989 – it was the 40th anniversary of Southampton Central and West Division plus Hampshire Scout Week.

The 2nd West at Shirley and the 14th Central were also celebrating their 80th birthdays.

A giant 40th birthday cake was paraded shoulder high and Venture Scouts showed off some of the rugged outdoor skills required for the Queen’s Scout Award.

Geoff Johnson, district commissioner for Southampton West Division, told the Echo at the time: “Scouting is as popular now as it was 40 years ago – we have something special for everyone aged six to 20.”