SPRINGWATCH star Chris Packham has said he is concerned about the environmental impact of Brexit.

The Hampshire-based wildlife presenter, 57, said the whole issue is "a headache", regardless of which side you are on.

Packham, who recently took part in the People's Walk For Wildlife to highlight the huge decline in certain species' numbers, told Radio Times magazine: "European legislation has been enormously valuable to us in terms of things like the Birds Directive and Habitats Directive (that) protect habitat and species in the UK.

"Secondly, we talk about the missing millions in terms of birds in our countryside, we're about to entertain the missing millions in terms of funding.

"NGOs like the RSPB are going to be millions of pounds short of funding they would have got from Europe."

The star, who was born in Southampton, added: "So from the conservationist and environmentalist point of view, Brexit is a headache, whether you're pro-leaving or pro-staying."

This week's Radio Times is out on Tuesday.