A YOUNG woman overdosed on a cocktail of drugs after discovering she was pregnant and being ruled unfit to work, an inquest heard.

Victoria Munro, of Treagore Road, Calmore, had a history of mental health problems and had been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, for which she was receiving support.

Ms Munro, who was known to her family and friends as 'Tori', was a 'talented' writer who had published a novel at the age of 17 called Kiss Chase, which reflected on the difficulties she had faced when she came out as lesbian.

However, Winchester Coroner's Court heard that that the 22-year-old would take an overdose as regularly as once a month, sometimes more, according to her neighbour Debra Bennett.

Ms Bennett added that on the day before her death, Ms Munro appeared anxious. She said: "I was at home when Tori knocked on the door. She had a pregnancy test.

"Tori was saying that she wanted to keep the baby, she was all over the place. She told me should had bought some morphine on the internet."

Ms Munro had been with a friend that night in her home, and after she had gone to bed her friend checked in and found her unresponsive.

After beginning CPR, Ms Munro was rushed to hospital, but was pronounced dead shortly after 2am on August 23.

A postmortem examination revealed that Ms Munro had a number drugs in her system when she died, including morphine. Pathologist Dr Vipul Foria told the inquest: "Given that there were various different drugs, it is very likely it could be an interaction."

The inquest heard evidence from Ms Munro mum, Carol, who said that the overdoses were a method of getting help when things got too much.

Recording a conclusion of drug-related death, senior coroner Grahame Short said: "This wasn't a deliberate overdose."

Paying tribute to Ms Munro, her family said: "Tori was a wonderful daughter and granddaughter and we are so proud of her achievements.

"In spite of her mental health illness she managed to go away to university and complete her degree in English and creative writing, culminating in the publication of a poetry book.

"She was kind and caring not only in her work life but to all those that knew her."